Tier 4 (Child) Visas

We are pleased to announce that the school is now eligible to accept students on Tier 4 (Child) UK visas.

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Landmark International School

an international school on the edge of Cambridge


Ofsted Inspection March 2017

We are very proud of the outcome of a surprise OFSTED inspection in March 2017.

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A caring ethos

The school prides itself on caring for and nurturing pupils regardless of nationality, background or academic ability.


Experienced staff

We have an outstanding team of passionate and experienced teachers who are dedicated to making sure that every pupil develops to their full academic, emotional and social potential.


Individual learning

Small class sizes mean that teachers know and understand each pupil and their individual learning style.


Reception Class opening September 2020

We are excited to expand our provision by opening a Reception Class in September 2020.  Please come and visit if you are interested!


The school has been set up as a not-for-profit charity ensuring that it is stable and that all income is fed back into the school to be used to provide a better learning experience for our children.

Since the school is a charitable company for the purpose of educating children, shares in the school cannot be sold to private companies or individuals.

The trustees of the new charity that runs the school are responsible for the financial and legal governance of the school:

  • representing the interests of the community consisting of parents and students
  • setting the vision for the school’s overall direction and ethos
  • employing a headteacher who is enthusiastically aligned with our vision of the school
  • setting the boundaries for the budget, and submitting financial accounts
  • overseeing that funds have been spent in the best interests of the students
  • approving any bursaries championed by the head and registrar (within the charitable donations)
  • ensuring that charity law requirements are met

The trustees and the head collaborate to ensure that the academic and pastoral vision for the school is realised. The head leads the community of teachers and staff delivering the best education for our children, operating within the budgetary framework set by the charitable company.


Landmark does not select students based on entrance exams. A simple interview ensures that the student fits in with the ethos of the school, and that we can meet the needs of the student.

Mary Greer is the Registrar, responsible for national and international applications to the school. She has many years of experience in assisting local and international students and their families through the admissions process and in the process of relocation, including tier 4 visas.

How to apply

The fees for the three terms of the 2019 2020 academic year are as follows:

  • Infants (years 1 & 2): £3940 per term
  • Juniors (years 3-6): £4180 per term
  • Seniors (years 7-9): £4630 per term
  • Seniors (years 10-11): £4730 per term (incl. £100 exam fee)

There is a registration fee of £100, and a £500 deposit to be refunded after the child’s last term with us.

These fees cover standard subjects. Where teaching needs to be more tailored, then additional fees may need to be charged at cost, for example:

  • One-to-one and special needs coaching
  • Mother tongue lessons
  • GCSE subjects where fewer than five students take the subject

Additional costs will be charged for:

  • School meals
  • School trips
  • Minibus service
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